Day 12: Super Powers

You walk into a room unaware, relaxed even. You have entered this room many times before but this time the hair on the back of your neck tingles just a little bit. You get a sudden chill that sends shivers up and down your back as your feet hit the cold hardwood floor. You shake your whole body to get rid of this sudden hyper-awareness but something is different. This familiar room you have entered is not right. Something besides you and a couple of furry friends is lurking within the confines of this normally safe haven.

Somehow, your head knows how to turn in JUST the right direction too the spot of unfamiliarity. You jump back, squeal, squeak, scream...whatever your natural reaction is because the culprit is sitting right there in the crack of the wall. Staring at you like a long lost villain back for revenge. Its many eyes taking note of your whole being smelling your fear and surprise. Your heart races, your instincts kick in but you are frozen in place as if this THING has the kryptonite that will take away your every super power you have to save yourself  and those around you from imminent doom.

Yes, we as mere human beings have the burden of super powers. Some call them sixth senses or intuitions. They may be as small as a keen sense of smell or as complex as super organization but each one of us holds a power that someone else may not have. We walk a lonely road that is only familiar to us.

I have a super power my friends. It is hard to talk about but I am ready for my secret to be heard. Mine my friends...although it is a heavy and perilous one, is the ability to find lurking bugs wherever I may be.

The only problem is that every bug seems to have some form of kryptonite and I am too weak to act upon this "gift" given to me. I am even ashamed to call myself super...because I always have to rely on my sidekick to do the super work. I am a coward who screams in the face of danger.

This is my super power. This is my curse.


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