Day 10: Old Photo (10+ yrs)

There are so many pictures I always think of from my childhood but this picture is always one of the many in the front of my mind whenever the subject is brought up. There is nothing special about this picture other then the obvious 80's undertones. In fact,  it was just a simple hot summer day in a family's private city yard. That is why I love it.

I like to look back on the simpler days when we were young, full of wonder at anything/everything, and had no responsibility.

There is nothing simpler then being 5 years old, wearing your awesome new 80's bathing suit, jellies, and strawberry heart sunglasses and playing in a kiddie pool with your little brother on lazy weekend summer day. A couple of water guns, a few big wheels, and you were set for an afternoon.

I always bring this picture up to my brother and to this day he still has the same reaction as I do: those were the days. 


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