Day 11: Recent Photo

For me, it was an unusual choice to single out a picture of me surrounded by a bunch of people instead of a portrait shot. Not that I am a solitary creature or even introverted in any way. Both of those things are farther from who I am as a person (ie. big mouthed, extroverted, excitable...I will spare you for now). Those people   are also not just some ordinary people. The truth is, because of these people, I am a better me when I am surrounded by them. That is really why I chose this picture.

My journey with them started almost three years ago when I graduated college and returned back home. The glory days of uni were long gone, the heavy pressure to find financial stability was upon me, and my social circle of friends had all but moved on because of the same reasons. I was in need of a revamp.

That is when I found (Oh it gets better then the name, I assure you.)

I came across the site in a conversation with a friend online who had witnessed a group of them at a weekend event. His exact wording was "Those people are awful, they ruin every event and they are the most obnoxious arrogant bastards I have ever come across!" My answer: "Great, where can I sign up!" You see, my friend was an extreme prude in every way and this only fueled an interest that had to be satiated in some form. With a hefty bet of me not being able to last a month with these yet to know "hethens" of the nerd internet world, I signed up with the hopes that I not only would last a month but many more then that.

Unfortunately for my still virgin friend, I managed to immediately fall nicely into the Baltimore/New York groups, fell in love with the man that created the site, and three years later after I have moved to Philadelphia and made so many wonderful friends here as well as been to Vegas, Myrtle Beach, and California with these amazing human beings welcoming me into their homes and hearts, I would have to say thank you to Matt. You have made me the luckiest girl alive and there is still hope for you if you would like to sign up.


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