My Other Other OTHER Secret

I have a little secret. It is a dark deep embarrassing little secret. I. LOVE. Cute. Things.

I don't know when the cute things started piling up or when our love affair got to be a cute little obsession but it did and I can't stop! Here are some my most favorite cute things (that I embarrassingly own).

I also make cute things out of felt...because you know, it is not enough to collect.

...which I will start posting on a daily basis because I think it is a good thing to share. Right? H


  1. it's definitely a good thing to share!!

  2. Sooo cute! Do you have an Etsy shop?

  3. I will have an Etsy Shop by the end of the week! I am finishing up some sewing and then I am going to post all of my things online on Friday!

  4. Hi hi Steph!! I am pretty late to read this post but could you pleeeaassee update your blog!! I love cute stuff too & seeing all the stuff you make would be so awesome ^__^!!


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