Saturday, September 29, 2012

Manayunk StrEAT Food Festival


I am pretty sure people by now know that I am super in love with trying new things food wise so when Manayunk (Philadelphia neighborhood) announced that they were having an all day festival involving Philly's finest food trucks I was ALL in! 

Each food truck had a mission this week as well, they had a secret ingredient and they had to include that secret ingredient in one dish to serve as a special to all of us today. Since it was Fall, Manayunk chose apples. It was kind of awesome! (Eat THAT Guy Fieri!)

My favorites: Crispy pork belly over creamy polenta from Local 215, freshly made butter biscuits topped with homemade sausage gravy from Philly Food & the Jim Hansen cupcake (vanilla oreo cupcake with cookies & buttercream frosting)! We also enjoyed a VERY tasty vegetarian chicken Bahn Mi from Kung Fu Hoagies, spicy bean and cheese empanadas from Zea May's, and a VERY interesting pork taco with sliced apples and kim chi slaw from Philly Food!

It was a SUPER successful day with lots of amazing eats and lots of new respect for those food truck pioneers that are always thinking of amazing ways to keep us coming back for more!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Watercolor and Sealife Exploration

Getting a little more comfortable with these Chinese watercolors that John bought for me! The best part in learning how to use them is that they basically combine two of my favorite things; Gouache  and watercolors. They can lay thick like gouache but can be super thinned out like watercolor. I believe they are actually made to mix with inks but of course I am using them otherwise!

Love them already and the pigments are crazy bright and amazing! Extra bonus was they were super cheap!


Quote of the Day: Never put a sock in a toaster - Eddie Izzard

Sunday, September 2, 2012

It really is.

Sometimes I feel like I am trying to fight against the gravitational pull of the whole universe making everything more complicated then it needs to be for myself and others. Do you ever feel that way or find yourself doing this? I spend so much time trying to fight the inevitable when the answer is so simple: Just go with it!

This is my first watercolor in quite a while, four years to be exact, so be gentle with me! Drawing out my feelings is not only turning out to be super therapeutic but it also is rekindling all of that creative energy that I have been keeping locked up.

What things are therapeutic for you?


Quote of the week: Worry, regret and anxiety are all illusions that distract you from the truth: You are OK right now.