Day 6: The Beach

(Venice Beach June 19th 2010 6:31pm)

When the sun goes down and all there is to hear are the faint pitter-pattering feet of sandpipers making their way across the sand with their tiny little chirps, searching for whatever little delicacies they can find beneath the cooling soft sand and when it is just you, the golden sun, and softly crashing waves from a tide that is temporarily retreating back out to sea, that is the best time for me to quiet my thoughts, breathe in the world around me, and take in some of nature's finest work.

I love the fine sand between my toes and how it gives and takes as I walk upon it, I love the little sprinkles of salty ocean water as the waves crash around me, and most of all I love the cooling ocean breeze tapping against my hot summer skin.

The beach holds me and I miss it every day amongst the beeping cars, thick polluted city air, and busy lifestyle of a place that never quiets down from chaos even for a second. 

I just hope it waits for me while I am gone.


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