Day 9: A Photo That I Took

(Morris Arboretum - Chestnut Hill, PA)

The Morris Arboretum lies on the edges of Philadelphia and suburbia but the quite trails, serene views, and arabesque artist sculptures make you feel like you have stepped into a strange and wondrous far away place. Surrounded by grassy greens, colorful exotic flowers and an array of floral scents you find yourself immersed in a garden that is beautiful and captivating. Not at all reminiscent of the synthetic world that lies around its borders.

My favorite thing about photography in nature is that it forces you to take yourself and observe what is around you in a personal way, examining every little close detail about the natural world in front of you. Every petal holds some secret and ever plant leaf has a story to tell. Even something as simple as light against the pale petal of a blooming lily pad can spark a feeling between you and the lens that wants to captivate it.

Just like my strolls on the beach provoke feelings of thought and reflection nature photography connects me to the natural world and evokes a sense of inner calm and curiosity. I go out to reach my zen but come back with so much more.


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