Day 4: Favorite Book

All throughout my life I have held dearly onto my love for the habit of daydreaming. Diving into a world that is real, unreal, and surreal all at the same time helped me cope with the every day stresses of a confusing world around me. It always kept me going in tough times as well as motivated my naturally creative personality. It is no wonder that one of my favorite books is from a well-loved science fiction series by Anne McCaffrey.

The PERN series, and yes this I admit to this being super nerdy, centers around a group of future people that have traveled from Earth to seek another planet to inhabit. They get stranded on this planet that they dub "PERN" and have to restart civilization from the bare minimum that the planet provides... and over the years with the help from some unlikely creatures, that resemble folklore dragons, and through the gift of song they do.

This part of the series is about a strong young lady named Menolly who is the apprentice to the Masterharper Petiron (aka musical genius) of her home. When Petiron passes on Menolly is told by her father to give up her love and natural talent for music and to do the woman's work she is expected to do. Menolly, in an act of defiance runs away from the only home she has ever known to persue her own dreams, not the dreams that others have carved out for her.

There is a lot of inspiring messages to this book but what really stayed with me was how easily I got caught up in this world of Menolly's, reading and fighting along with her to the very end. It was that one little thought: You have to stand up and fight for your dreams, the things you want, and what you know is right inside of you. As a young women, I really felt Anne McCaffrey, Menolly, and the PERN series gave me what I needed at that point in my life. It showed me how to continue to dream from page to page, it taught me how to not be afraid to stand up for myself, and it reinforced the strong person that I had within myself.


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