Day 5: Favorite Quote

...because what else is there?

It is a simple quote and most definitely not one of any scholarly nature but it fits like a glove to the inner most workings of my personality. It is something that I feel a lot of people forget to do in times of great stress and worry and it is simple to do. We just have to let ourselves go. Living is about just letting ourselves live while loving the world and its people around us, letting it all make us laugh, and learning all we can from those moments, what we experience, and all the people that touch our lives in some way.

A lot of the time, because I have a undeniably high-maintenance personality, all I have to do is close my eyes and think of this quote when times are rough. I must, as a human being, make the most of every second on this planet. If I get caught up in all the silly stuff, the hard stuff, and the impossible stuff then I am never going to move forward.

Live, love, laugh... and let it all consume you because the answers will come from what you learn from the first three.


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