Day 18: "Big People" Jobs

As the sunlight filters into the old foggy old glass warehouse windows of my new office I am left wondering this: When I hear someone say "I finally got myself a big person job!"...what DOES that mean?

What constitutes a "real world" job versus a "fake world" job? All the jobs that I have ever had seemed quite real world to me and not some Super Mario World type gigs. I ask because I worked at Nordstrom for three months and a lot of people would tell me that it was just temporary until I could get my "real job". I finally landed myself a job as Customer Service Representative for a local business and all of a sudden I am in the real world. Here is why I think they are wrong.

Guidelines for a "Big Person" Job:
  • Dental/Medical Benefits
  • 401K
  • Are you working with people around your age or above?
I didn't know I was making a huge gap there. I am baffled, honestly because the job that I have only has one of those three things and it is not the ones that are going to get me into some sort of retirement or doctor's office. I mean, we are not flinging rubber bands at each other or chasing after each other on rolling chairs...but I don't think I have graduated into he adult working world yet.

What do you think?


  1. Oddly enough, I never really thought not having a 401K automatically meant it wasn't a "big kid" job. Perhaps that may be because the career path I eventually want to follow doesn't have that (screen acting). To me, a "big person" job is one in which I can support myself (preferrably comfortably). Despite the fact that many jobs I've worked have had components of all three - medical benefits, 401K, stock options, and my coworkers 9 times out of ten have all been older than me, I've never been in a position where I could afford anything. That's why I feel like I've never really had an "big person" job despite having had titles such as car salesman, taxi driver, telemarketer & such.

  2. Maybe it is the fact that I can't afford anything that makes me believe this is NOT a big person job at all!


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