Monday Morning, Make it Marvelous!

Crisp Fall air slips in past the small holes in the screens on your open windows as the soft sunlight creeps up over the horizon seeping into your contently closed eyelids. Your body starts to stir feeling the sharp chill of early morning and everything inside of you starts to move and work until your eyelids slowly flutter open. You take your first conscious breath full of new day air and the message is sent: It is morning.

If you are like most people your throat gives a sort of pitiful raspy raw groan and your rigid body resists by forcefully slamming shut your tired eyeballs. It ends with your blankets being thrown violently over your head as you fully fight to re-realize, yes sleepy time is in fact over and a new work day has arrived. Joy.

We are tired, coffee has not been yet made or bought, and you have a full day of endless work looming over you like a black cloud. Maybe morning takes a bit if rethinking. A new way of looking at those first few brilliant golden rays of morning light. Perhaps, I am the only person on this giant blue glowing planet that feels any sort of positivity when my body blossoms to that woken state in the early morning hours. To that  I will say this: The positivity that I create for myself as soon as I wake up is immeasurable.

Instead of waking up and thinking about what I haven't done yet or how tired I am because I perhaps stayed up too late having drinks with friends or working I focus on the positive. I turn it around and think about what fun it was to catch up with people the night before or look st all I got done before today and ask myself "HOW can I keep this awesome thing going today? What can I accomplish today?". I answer myself and say: anything I can imagine and however I can do it. After all, I am here and that in itself is amazing.

The one thought that binds it all together is: One day at a time, one thing at a time. All we can do is do our best and keep on going.

After all, on this Monday, we are still human unless anyone wants to fess up to anything otherwise!

P.S. - Always have something to look forward to every day even if it is something silly like a small packet of Craisins you forgot about and are going to snack on. The little things are the best sometimes!



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