Most of us when we do certain things want those things to turn out just the way that we had pictured them and get super disappointed if that doesn't happen. I know that I do! I know that I always have a plan and that plan is always a great plan that must turn out like a TV family special for everything that I do. This goes for planning events, buying things, cooking food, and mostly everything that I...we do, that takes a little thought.

The other night I was cooking some stewed tomatoes to put over some tilapia I had broiled. I pictured that the stewed tomatoes would be a thick glaze that covers right over the slightly golden fish in rich harmony of tomato-ey stewed goodness. I had simple yet grand plans for my meal except I was holiday multitasking away and just plum forgot about the stewed tomatoes a moment to long and they looked a little too rich and slightly too dark. Rats. I am no June Cleaver that is for sure.

Naturally I was upset and my first thought was to just throw this cooking disaster right out and rid myself of my silly stupidity. BUT something, a little something, told me to just try it though. So I scooped up a little on my tasting spoon and tried it with much intended disappointment. Instead of wincing and waling in utter shame my eyes actually lit up really large.

It was actually super delicious and perfectly rich.

I guess my point to this little ditty is that sometimes the little mistakes, the oopsies, and the oh shits of the real world can turn out to be the best moments and things we do in life. This year I intend on making a lot of mistakes. I expect a lot of those mistakes will turn out to be hilarious if not embarrassing but some of them will also be the best mistakes I will ever make.

I hope this for everyone too.

From my family to yours, Happy Holidays and a VERY Happy New Year filled with lots of those amazing little imperfections that life throws at us!



  1. LOVED this, Steph. My big "oh shit" when I was 17 yrs old turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me and the most awesome 11 yr old little girl in the whole world. <3 Merry Christmas, lovey


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