Thanksgiving Food Confession

I am just going to come out and say it, I LOVE string bean casserole.

Yep, there it is bare and naked for all the foodie world to see. Join my side with arms linked in blind camaraderie  or turn your heads away pretending that I am some sort of abomination that should never be allowed around food again...but I love it. There is something so right about fresh string beans blanched carefully, thrown senusally together with some creamy Campbell's Mushroom Soup and crispy sexified French's Durkee Fried Onions, and baked to a steaming dish of perfectly balanced hypnotic tantalizing aromas that really brings out the spirit of the holidays!

Besides there are a lot of Thanksgiving foods that are far worse. For instance, tofurky. If you want something that looks like a five year old tried to mold a turkey out of Silly-Putty, you can have it. Ugh.

I am super thankful that this wonderful baked delicacy exists. I am also thankful that I have two amazing families, many inspiring friends, and a loving fiancee to share this wrongful food love with. I may notice your eyes shying away from me for a few months after this heartfelt declaration but at lest I know you will be there for the long haul, even if you have to lay on tear soaked pillows for me every night.

Happy Beginning of the Holiday Season!


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