My Big Mouth

I have a big mouth and it gets me into trouble all of the time.

Most of you perfectly functioning beautiful people have those amazing little sensors or red flags that pop up in your heads to warn you that what you are thinking should absolutely NOT come out of your mouth. I do not. I just do not have this capability.

Here is how my thinking process goes:

Good Thought --> Out Mouth = Happy Result
Bad Thought --> Out Mouth = What Have I Done

Here is how it is supposed to go:

Good Thought --> Think About It --> Out Mouth = Happy Result

Bad Thought --> Think About It --> !!KEEP INSIDE!! = Happy Result

How does one learn this process? How does one force oneself to think before a rank pile of verbage flows from ones flawed mouth? There are so many situations where I could have and should have had that 3 seconds of thought and saved myself years of regret!

Anyone else have this problem?


  1. I definitely do. It's a conscious effort for me not to say some things.


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