Words Cannot Describe...

Three years ago something amazing happened. Something crazy, so full of a love that could burst your very heart, and so very unpredictable as these things often are. Three years ago I fell in love and found my best friend, soul mate, all at the same time. It happened so beautifully and quickly, grew instantaneously and now three years later it is as permanent as it could ever be.

What started out as two oddly made people flirting through some guy's self-made geeky internet community (hah hah...) to our first spontaneous date spending a few hours sharing food and stories with each other at a small diner in NJ in the wee hours of the morning to those same two people deciding to live together and to start building a life with each other.

As I stood in front of one of my favorite paintings, Van Gogh's "Sunflowers", explaining it's intricacies to John at the Philadelphia Museum of Art on our 3rd year Anniversary my best friend slipped a ring on my finger and  asked me to be his for life. I was shocked, emotional, happy, and so full of love in all one moment.

...but most importantly, I said yes!


  1. I love you and John and I'm ridiculously happy for both of you! If you need any help with wedding stuff or just to vent, I hope you'll let me know.


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